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Embracing Social Media

In the last two days I've had a bit of a blast!  I've been adding content into the App but as the UI allows for a bit more scope I've been getting creative.   The nice thing about working with John is that as he's such a well known, and well travelled teacher, there's...

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About About Pages

This week I've finally started the long task of putting some content into the new User Interface for John's App.  I think I'm pretty much happy with the layout of the UI and I'll be honest that it wouldn't have been possible without the good guys at Ray Wenderlich,...

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Round and Round

This week I've been continuing the work on the front facing menu.  It's been a long haul but it's finally coming together and I started to work on loading the key components from the server rather than having it all hard-coded  One of the main points of re-writing the...

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Dev Blog Live!

Welcome to the Dev Blog!  Well, I guess it's not just a development blog as I'm hoping to post more stuff onhere as times goes by but blogging about the Development Process for John's iOS apps seems to be a good place to start.  Helps me find my voice a bit (or rather...

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