Development Notes


Version 7.00.00 27th October, 2018 - Today

08May19 Build More UI elements and background tasks now coming together. I found an excellent resource for fetching information from a server with async downloads and it all seems to be working ok. It helps that I’ve done a huge amount of IP networking and JSON work before and it all seemed to fall in to place. An advantage of having been doing this for so long now ūüôā ¬†Thinking about adding a Dev Blog as full development about to start soon

09Apr19 Build¬†Progress on the UI took a big step forward this week as I managed to the get the bits that weren’t integrated added in to the App! ¬†I’ve still to work on one major part of the UI (Resources/Tools) then I’ll be starting the long haul job of re-working all the Asana data back into the App in the new format.

16Mar19 Build¬†I’ve been working on redesigning the iOS Apps from the ground up for about 6 weeks now looking at different UI elements and ways of presenting data. ¬†Kinda happy with what I’ve pulled together from across the web and just started working the existing content into it’s new home. ¬†Shuffling stuff around and workign out what to keep and what to drop has been a challenge.

Version 6.03.01: 19th November, 2018

19Nov18   06.03.01 More defensive coding for loadImageFromResource which seems to be crashing app

10Oct18 ¬† 06.03.00¬†Added Privacy Notice, Jump to Asana, John’s Bio updates

02Oct18   06.02.00 Added SeekTo from Asana Preview

19Aug18   06.01.03 Start work on refactoring Model Data out of AppDelegate

15Aug18   06.01.02 Moved appDelegate to AppDelegate static to get round Main Thread app crash

12Aug18   06.01.01 Fixed App Crash due to missing resource for IAPs

13Jul18   06.01.00 Fixed audio playback bug where asanas would be skipped on end of playback

31May18   06.01.00  Remove Icons table sync with JSY2  

Version 5.01.00 - 22nd April, 2018

22Apr18   05.01.00 Code clean up

09Apr18   05.00.03 Big fix quiz display on iPad (scores and full asana breakdown

26Mar18   05.00.02 Bug fixing (guard let added) and updates to WKWebView kit implementation

25Feb18   05.00.01 Upload to Apple for review and release

12Jan18 ¬† 05.00.00 ¬†Added John’s book

03Jan18   05.00.00  Updates for PDFKit from JSY2

11Dec17   05.00.00  Updated UIWebView to WebKit

23Nov17   05.00.00 Updates for Apple Watch 4.2

15Nov17   05.00.00  Start additions for Asana Quick Review ported in from JSY2

11Nov17   05.00.00  Updates for Swift 4 and XCode 9

06Apr17   Corrections to Practice Builder

02Mar17   First version with CocoaPods working

19Feb17   05.00.00.aa   Divi up project into frameworks using Podfiles

Version 04.00.00 - 24th January, 2017

24Jan17   04.00.00      Application live in AppStore.

16Jan17   04.00.00.hh   Updated to XCode 8.2.1

19Dec16   Sequence playback with scrubbing fixed

01Dec16   First full build in Swift 3

04Nov16   04.00.00      Start port to Swift 3.0

Version 03.00.00 - 11th July, 2016

11Jul16   03.00.00   Approved by Apple for Sale in App Store

05Jul16   Bug fix to crash on PDF viewer rotation

14Jun16   Finally fix UI elements taking ages to re-appear

20May16   03.00.00      Release candidate 1

25Apr16   Final UI changes and playback corrections

08Apr16   Asana through to MariD

06Apr16   Added timings for each asana step via db cache

02Apr16   Prasarittas, UHP and Ardha Baddha now correct

27Mar16   Sequence additions to supta kurmasana

25Mar16   Rewrite to be vinyasa driven by App which verifies itself

23Mar16   Corrected warrior and view exists when audio playing

21Mar16   More corrections to playback sequencing

20Mar16   Tidy up HAL and add sequence markers

19Mar16   Wire frame to Navasana, add captions and time estimates

17Mar16   Added HAL2K16 (Human Ashtanga Layer 2016).  Now parsing up to Parsvakonasana B

16Mar16   Sequence Editor (iPad)

10Mar16   Added audio resource for Seq Player

07Mar16   Sequence Editor Add/Delete now in place

03Mar16   First version with Sequence Editor in place

30Jan16   Updated to XCode 7.2

04Dec15   Release vsn 3

25Nov15  First finished build with watch.  Alpha testing

Version 02.00.00 - 23rd November, 2015

23Nov15  First running Swift Apple Watch App

21Nov15  Start re-integrating Watch code

19Nov15  QuizMaster views in place,

01Nov15  First complete Universal storyboard

29Sep15  iOS 9.0 update

16Sep15  Corrected issue with IAP identifiers

20Jul15  Conversion to Swift 2.1 complete

10Jul15  AsanaOrderQuiz now operational

08Jul15  Updates for MPMovie layout, IAP, Menu level 2

07Jul15  Video playback now full screen

16Jun15  Fix webview full screen rotation

04May15  Begin syncing ipad/iphone storyboards.

02May15  First full compile

01May15  Down to 35 areas to fix

24Apr15  Start adding resources. First full compile.

08Apr15  Started conversion to XCode 6.3 (Swift 1.2)

28Mar15  Added storyboards and resources

27Mar15  Syntax fixing (118 errors)

26Mar15  Syntax fixing (464 errors)

01Mar15  Syntax fixing (999+ errors)

16Feb15  Movie Player

04Nov14  Database connect

28Oct14  Start porting to Swift 1.0

Version 01.01.02 - 20th October, 2014

20Oct14  Sankrit added to terms html page

19Oct14  Corrections to audio playback

17Oct14  Secondary screen integration

16Oct14   01.01.01      Released to AppStore

04Oct14   01.01.00      Release to App Store

29Sep14   01.00.03      Start updating for iOS 8 and XCode 6

29Mar14   01.00.02      Release to Apple.

12Jan14  Finished implementing AsanaOrderQuiz

09Jan14  Added webaudio to WebDetails

20Dec13   01.00.00      Apple approves full application!  Release date 1st Jan, 2014

15Dec13   01.00.00      IAP complete

08Dec13   01.00.00     Updates for Apple User Guidelines

25Nov13 ¬† 01.00.00¬† ¬† ¬† Add in ‘Home’ screen to get round Apple reject

26Oct13   01.00.185     Sorted IAP downloads

23Oct13   01.00.183     Added flip cards

21Oct13   01.00.182     Added Dynamic load

18Oct13   01.00.180     IAP bug fix complete

17Oct13   01.00.179     Full implementation of IAPs

14Oct13   01.00.178     Fix menu..sub menu transitions

13Oct13   01.00.177     Bug fix iPad IAP downloads

11Oct13   01.00.176     First complete implementation of IAP

10Oct13   01.00.175     IAP Corrections

08Oct13   01.00.174     Added code for downloading and unpacking IAP

07Oct13   01.00.173     Added audio track to PDF reader class

29Sep13   01.00.170     Upgrade to iOS 7.0 and XCode 5.0

25Sep13   01.00.162  Implement Sanskrit Terms WEB page

12Sep13   01.00.160  Various Security fixes, database updates

02Sep13   01.00.151  Fixed the suspend into background issue

31Aug13 ¬† 01.00.150¬† Implement ‘Application does not run in background’

27Aug13   01.00.148  Security changes

22Aug13   01.00.146  Added Sync User Scores to menu

21Aug13   01.00.145  UI/Performance improvements

19Aug13   01.00.144  Game center leader board  integrated

16Aug13   01.00.143  Game center integration

16Aug13   01.00.142  Fix to IAP for iPhone

15Aug13   01.00.141  In-App Purchases first out

13Aug13   01.00.140  Start implementing In-App Purchases

05Aug13   01.00 136  Fixed links to Support/Privacy policy

01Aug13   01.00.134  Bug fix release following initial tester comments

11Jul13   01.00.127  final bug fix and release to John

10Jul13   01.00.126  Bug fixing audio quiz

04Jul13   01.00.122  Bug fix to audio score view

03Jul13   01.00.121  Fixed enabled code for Primary Quiz

02Jul13   01.00.120  More HTML fixes. Fixes to Primary Quiz

01Jul13   01.00.119  Some HTML fixes. Added Primary Quiz

25Jun13   01.00.115  Rationalise images sizes, update App Help

18Jun13   01.00.113  Added swipe gestures to Quiz

17Jun13   01.00.112  Add UserID to defaults and post quiz/scores to CMS

16Jun13   01.00.111  Audio quiz fix

14Jun13 ¬† 01.00.110¬† Release to John for him to look at ūüôā

12Jun13   01.00.109  First stab at re-implementing help as a PDF.

11Jun13   01.00.108  Bug fix release

10Jun13   01.00.107  Bug fix release. Apple releases iOS 7 and XCode 5

09Jun13   01.00.106  Review UI interfaces for iPad.  Help needs re-work

08Jun13   01,00.105  First complete iPhone implementation

06Jun13   01.00.104  First implementation of Progress Reports

03Jun13   01.00.103  First pass of checking flip side html complete

01Jun13   01.00.102  First version with all vinyasa flip side details in place

30May13   01.00.101  Asana names now with Sanskrit markings

28May13   01.00.99   SunA and SunB details implemented as HTML

27May13   01.00.98   HTML version of flip sides for Surya A

26May13   01.00.97   Added HtmlDetails table and supporting code

25May13   01.00.96   Re-added sanskrit number pics to fix non-appearance issue. Released to John

24May13   01.00.95   Bug fix for WebView contents for asana flip image

23May13   01.00.94   Added WebView connection for Quiz Help

21May13   01.00.93   Big fixes to Quiz

17May13   01.00.91   Updates following review by John

13May13   01.00.88   Third release for John

11May13 ¬† 01.00.87 ¬† Fixed PDF Full Screen Viewing as had removed ‘toggleSplitView’ call

04May13   01.00.85   CMS Updates into beta testing

04May13 ¬† 01.00.84 ¬† Downloads from CMS working ūüôā

02May13   01.00.82   Further updates to CMS Update implementation

25Apr13   01.00.80   First complete pass of Quiz scoring

22Apr13   01.00.79   More corrections to SQLite based scoring

19Apr13   01.00.78   Added Scores

08Apr13   01.00.77   Allow quiz levels to be seen and scores to be reset

05Apr13   01.00.76   John installs app on iPhone

27Mar13   01.00.75   Best Scores implemented

25Mar13   01.00.74   Quiz interface (iPhone) implemented

15Mar14   01.00.70   Full Proposal sent to John.

15Jan13   01.00.61   Re-implemented asana details as a flip view

08Jan13   01.00.59   Finished adding John Scott Images

02Jan13   01.00.58   Online Menu interface

20Dec12   01.00.57   John Scott integration

22Jun12   01.00.50   Code sync with database

22Jun12   01.00.49   Added animations to playback

21Jun12   01.00.48   Tidy up iPhone flow sequence

01Jun12   01.00.45   Bug fixing webview to be scaleable

30May12   01.00.43   Database tidy up

01May12   01.00.41   Auto audio playback implemented

23Apr12   01.00.40   Audio integration problem sorted

11Apr12   01.00.39   Vinyasa audio instructions

07Apr12   01.00.38   Vimeo integration

13Jan12   01.00.35   Fixed asana details swipe between asanas

12Jan12   01.00.34   YouTube video integration complete

11Jan12   01.00.33   Fixed display of Asana Details

06Jan12   01.00.32   Audio Playback scrubbing sorted

05Jan12   01.00.31   Audio Playback added to About View

03Jan12   01.00.30   Added audio tracks

03Jan12   01.00.29   Added search bar to master controller

31Dec11   01.00.28   About View Controller added

29Dec11   01.00.26   Add large image viewer

29Dec11   01.00.25   Add settings

27Dec11   01.00.24   Image Sequences implemented

19Dec11   01.00.23   ImageSlideShow now working

15Dec11   01.00.22   Web view now full screen

12Dec11   01.00.21   Add in a Web viewer to the master list

11Dec11   01.00.20   PDF Reader can now be displayed full screen !!!

09Dec11   01.00.19   Image Grid View Controller now integrated

08Dec11   01.00.18   Asana details now available

06Dec11   01.00.17   Start integrating Asana selection

04Dec11   01.00.16   Integrate MPMoviePlayer back into app

01NOV11   01.00.14   Integrate SQL database code

30Nov11   01.00.12   First version with fully integrated PDF viewer

28Nov11   01.00.11   Finally fix storyboard implementation

25Nov11   01.00.07   Begin 4th major rewrite

20Nov11   01.00.06   Major rewrite of implementation of UISplitView

14Oct11   01.00.05   iPhone 4s released

06Oct11   01.00.04   Steve Jobbs dies (RIP)

30Mar11   01.00.03   SplitViewController started

15Jun10   01.00.01   Implemented UISearchDisplay for searching

18May10   01.00.01   Implemented PDF display

08Apr10   01.00.01   Start to implement video playback

30Mar10   01.00.00   Official release with first iPad SDK GM


Version 6

24 Dec 21 06.07.00 Updates to fix server download errors

29 Dec 18 06.04.02 Implementation for PDF Viewer

23 Nov 18 06.04.01 Updates for PDF viewing on SDCARD.

06 Nov 18 06.04.00 Update for Oreo 8.0 10

Oct 18 06.03.00 Add Privacy Notice 04

Oct 18 06.02.00 Update to Build with SDK 27 (Oreo) Android 8.1 and above

Aug 18 06.00.00 Update to Latest Android SDK

Version 3

21 Mar 17 03.00.01 Bug fix build to PDF viewer

17 Feb 17 03.00.00 Candidate release for Google Play Store

Version 2

15 Feb 17 02.00.00 Bug fix for SDK 25

10 Feb 17 02.00.00 Start upgrade to Android Nougat (SDK 25), 

Version 1

16 Oct 14 01.00.00 Correction to download going to sleep

08 Oct 14 01.00.00 Corrections to download directories

03 Oct 14 01.00.00 Candidate release Android Studio 0.8.9

01 Oct 14 01.00.00 Give up on trying to get google licensing to work

29 Sep 14 01.00.00 Corrections to Dandasana / Paschimottanasana

27 Sep 14 01.00.00 Corrections to image loading

24 Sep 14 01.00.00 First practical working thread based download

20 Sep 14 01.00.00 JSYDownload class implementation 

12 Sep 14 01.00.00 More bug fixes

09 Sep 14 01.00.00 Added Subtitle Handler

04 Sep 14 01.00.00 Bug fixes