My App Has Crashed – Help!

Firstly, sorry to hear you’re having problems with the App.

Please understand that there’s a lot going on with the Apps let alone the Operating Systems and the Device SDK (what we use to develop the Apps) and often it’s not necessarily the Apps fault.

If you are here because there is no sound from the App please see the FAQ on how to fix this (it’s the privacy switch on the side of your device – it’s not the App’s fault!)

Where it is an issue we’ve caused then it’s important for us to know as much about what you were doing when the App crashed in order to give us the best chance of recreating the issue and then fixing it.  Think of like asking a chef to bake you a cake.  If you just say “I’d like a cake” the chances are you’re going to get something you’re not expecting.  The more questions the chef asks you the more likely they are to bake you something you’re after.  It’s the same here.


Having said that, there is some basic things we can ask you to try before going further 

  1. Do you have the latest version of the App?  You can check this in 2 places.  From the Welcome menu option or from the About John menu option.  You’ll need to scroll down the pages to see the information (iPhone).  The current versions are:-
    • Primary Series iOS – 6.3.0
    • Practice Builder iOS – 6.3.0
    • JSY2 iOS 6.3.0
  2. If you don’t have the latest version do update the App from the App store.  This should be FREE!
  3. Note that this is where some issues may first present themselves.  We always build John’s Apps against the latest SDKS (Software Development Kits) and target the latest operating systems.  For iOS this is currently IOS 11.3.   If you have your device on an earlier version of the operating system the App MAY work but you may see indiscriminate problems because essentially the App is running on an O/S that isn’t really supported.  We’d suggest updating to the newest Operating System however we do realise that in some cases this is not possible.  It’s extremely difficult for us to back port any fixes to earlier versions of SDK and operating systems (often this is impossible) as we simply domino have the developer resources to do this.  Each time Apple releases update the mostly always drop support for earlier versions of the their earlier device operating systems (mostly to get us all to upgrade).  It’s called progress.
  4. Have you tried re-installing the App from scratch?  Don’t be alarmed. We’re not going to ask you to pay for the App a second time!  The App store keeps records on which Apps you’ve previously purchased (and any In-App Purchases too) so that if you change your device, for example, you can get all your Apps onto the new device.
    • To delete the App pass your finger on to the App and hold it down until all the App icons begin to wiggle
    • You’ll see a little X-Cross appear at the top left of each App that you can delete. Tap the one on John’s App.  It should ask you for confirmation that you’ve selected the right App to delete. Select Cancel if you have the wrong App, Delete if you have
    • Go to the App Store on your device (make sure you are signed in)
    • Tap on the ‘Search’ option at the bottom right of the screen (it has a magnifying glass icon)
    • Type in ‘John Scott Yoga’ and select ‘Search’
    • Select the appropriate App
    • It may ask to confirm your password – enter if if prompted to do so
    • During this process it should prompt you with a message like “You’ve already purchased this App, do you want to download it again for free?”. It make also just show a download icon instead of the initial price for the App. Click that if it is there
  5. The point of doing all of this is to make sure that the App has all it’s resources and is running on a supported device with the latest updates (device and App). It’s a faff, we know, but it helps rule out some obvious cases
  6. In if this doesn’t help then try completely switching off your device and restarting.  You should see the Apple logo when it restarts
  7. If none of this helps then fill out the questionnaire below and we’ll get back to you with. a reference number when we start looking in to what’s going on.


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    App Version:
    Operating System :
    Checklist Done: YesNo
    What's Your Issue :
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    Please place the answer to the following below: