John Scott Yoga Application Features

Questions and Answers

What To Do If You Have No Audio

When I hit ‘Play’ on the Asana playback I don’t hear John’s Instructions

We were a bit confused by this issue ourselves!  The cause of this (other than your volume being set very low!) is the privacy switch on the side of your device.  If you have this switched on – so you don’t get those pesky phone calls or text messages mid practice – it actually stops the App from playing back the Audio track as well.  You may find that the audio from iTunes songs may still play but we found that we couldn’t get the App to play the audio instruction from John when this switch was on.  If you make sure the switch is off and your volume is set correctly you should hear John ok.

To check, open up Surya Namaskara A and tap the image of John standing at the end of his mat.  The play triangle at the top right of the App should changed to pause (2 bars) and if you’ve tapped near the top of the image the audio scrubber may have dropped down as well.  Tapping anywhere on the image (apart from the top) starts/pauses the audio playback.  When the audio scrubber is visible (tap near the top of the image if it’s not on display) you can drag the white positional button to the left and right and the audio will move with you.  Note that the images will change too so it’s a good way to quickly see the images for the posture you’re looking at!

Why is there 'Coming Soon' pictures in the Second Series App?

In the second series App some of the Images show ‘Coming Soon’ – Why?

This material is so new John is yet to complete all the necessary Glyphs for the App (there are very few intermediate Glyphs or Images). We’ve also had to be a little creative to allow some of the Glyphs to accurately represent what’s happening as the Audio is played. For example, John only drew some of the Glyphs from the right side, so we flipped these to give you the corresponding left one!  John’s also very busy teaching so rather than tie him down to a couple of days of shooting images for the Asanas and the intermediate steps we’ve released the App with placeholder images ‘Coming Soon’.  It’s planned to get John to deliver these on an ongoing basis and you’ll receive these for free in future updates.  John was keen to get the App to you sooner rather than wait for all the images to be taken.  So just like John would do with the Asanas you’ll get these in a progressive manner. The full audio will be included in the first release

The App and DVD

Why release an App when there’s the DVD and training?

John’s very keen to reach a wider audience as well as keeping contact with the many students and teacher trainees that he has formed long standing relationships with over the years.  Students new to the practice, keen to understand John’s view point on the Vinyasa Count of the Primary Series will find the application a valuable tool to help in their studies of the practice.  Existing students and teacher trainees will find the reference material included directly from John’s teacher training course notes invaluable reference material in their time away from John’s guiding influence.

Remember, the App isn’t intended to replace the need to practice or study under a recognised teacher, it’s meant as a readily accessible version of the Vinyasa Count for the Primary series.

Why not just include the full video?

The main concern is where your focus should be.   During practice on your mat we firmly believe you shouldn’t be looking around at images on your phone.  John’s instruction is clear enough to guide through the majority of the practice so think of the slideshow images as a mechanism for reminding you quickly how the Asana’s are performed.  Away from your mat, of course, having the Asana slideshow is a great visual reminder of the practice and you’ll find the teaching notes on the back of the Asana images where they appear a great introduction and reminder of John’s deep knowledge of the practice.

We’re hoping you also own the DVD too!

John Scott 'Lite' App

Why release John Scott Lite and what are it’s differences with the full Application?

The lite version is there to give new students and those curious to  John’s Teachings an insight into the Ashtanga Practice as taught by John.  We were looking to release an App as quickly as possible and found that the lengthy review process that each App undergoes warranted us to release a cut down version of the full application for you.

As most practitioners of Ashtanga are aware the practice is often taught to beginners as a ‘Half Primary’ series.  The Lite application is essentially our ‘Half Primary’ version of the full App.  Its there to cover the basics, give an introduction to John and his way of teaching, show the Half Primary series and to focus on that.  It’s a good introduction to the Full Application as well and we think it fits in nicely for those interested in our products but want to check out the application first

The differences between the Lite and Full versions are as follows:

  1. Teaching, Practice and Closing Mantraa. The full version offers additional versions of these chants – (new versions and call/response with John)
  2. The Lite version details Asanas from Standing to Navasana then Back Bending to Savasana.  The Full version includes all postures from Bhujapidasana to Urdhva Mukha Pascimattanasana (an extra 10 postures)

Features only found in the Full version:

  1. Sanskrit numbers and Terms
  2. Ashtanga Flip Cards covering all 47 postures of the Primary Series.  This will help with your revision of the Ashtanga Count (can be sent to external reader and/or printed)
  3. Vinyasa Quiz with 8 levels and 4 variations*.  This quiz links to Game Center and scores can be sync’d across devices (requires Game Center login)
  4. Inspirational Videos*.  The Full App links to external videos of John teaching and practicing.  These will change from time to time.
  5. Online Store*.  Additional items for purchase will appear in the in-app Store.  Currently these are:
    1. Windows on a Practice
    2. Ashtanga Primary Series Charts
    3. 5 Step Focussed 12
  6. Online registration*
  7. Push Notifications*.  Once we get up and running we may from time to time send you push notifications informing you of John’s activities.  You can opt out of this at any time

*An online connection is required for these features.

Current Versions

Here’s a list of the current versions of each App


  • Primary Series: v06.03.00  (Oct 10, 2018). Requires iOS 12 minimum /  Apple Watch 4
  • Second Series:  v06.03.00 (Oct 10, 2018). Requires iOS 12.minimum
  • Practice Builder: v06.03.00 (Oct 10, 2018). Requires iOS 12 minimum
  • Mac OSX: v01.02.00.  (Oct 10, 2018).  Requires Mac OSX Mojave or above
  • tvOS: v01.00.00.  (Sept 6, 2016).  Requires tvOS 9.0 or later.  Requires and Apple TV.


  • Primary Series : v06.07.02: (Dec 27, 2021).  Requires Android 12.0 and above
  • Second Series:  v06:07:02 (Dec 27, 2021).  Requires Android 9.0 and above

Community App (Clanns Online):

  • iOS : v01.01.00: (Jan 14, 2022).  Requires iOS 15.0 and above
  • Mac OSX: v01.01.00 (Jan 14, 2022). Requires MacOS 11.3 and above



Developer Note:

A Note from the Developers

We try hard to include each feature across the different flavours of the App.  However, with the continuing changing landscape of operating system and Android operating systems its difficult to keep pace with all the change. This invariable means that we have to skip some O/S updates, newer APIs and have to also drop older versions of devices that are out there. Please bear with us as we try to keep up to date on all of this for you