Where to Find the Book and DVD

The source material for John’s Applications is John’s original ‘Ashtanga Yoga video combined with the information from John’s Teacher Training manual.  There is some material (the count) also referenced from John’s accompanying book (now in it’s second edition).   John kindly granted us permission to use his material in this way.  

Not only will you be able to find the Video whose material we’ve leveraged for the content of this Application here but you’ll also be able to find John’s book and of course other great Ashtanga and other Yoga details to fulfill all your yoga knowledge needs.

So along with the Applications we hope you find something for your knowledge needs!

Its still possible to find the original version of John’s book which was distrubuted by the good folks at YogaMatters.  This version (from the early 2000s) has the majority of the same information as the second edition although it has an entirely different set of images associated with it.  

A good collectors item!

All material remainscopyright to John Scott, Sapta 7 Workshops, 2018