John Scott Yoga for Second Series*

Second Series iPhone :

– Second Series Download:  iPhone App (iTunes)

The Second Series App* has leveraged directly from the main JSY Application.  We’ve tried to reduce some of the UI clutter and remove some of the learning tools that are specific to those brand new to the Primary Series and John in general.  So no quizzes or gimmicks here, just straight down to the Asana details.

Second series includes :-

  • John’s Audio combined from 2 live classes he recorded in Goa in 2017 (note 2)
  • Cleaner UI in black and white.  You’re hear to focus on John’s audio as you practice, not to look at the App as you practice
  • Second Series Glyphs (note 3) direct from John’s manual (this is new material not currently used on any of John’s TT courses).
  • Asana Notes from John.  This material focusses on the State of each asana.  The audio will lead you through the steps of the Asana but the notes give you the details in the State only
  • Sanskrit Terms include all of the second series Asanas with asana name pronunciations
  • **NEW** For Second Series iOS we’re adding a new feature – Asana Quick Review.  Sitting beside the Play button you’ll see a new Magnify icon.  Click this and you’ll be presented with a popover window that compresses all the images and main instructions into one scrollable place.  This lets you quickly review each vinyasa for the Posture that you’re looking at.  Need a quick reminder of how things should go? Then this is the place to start.   See the image sliders above and below for example screen shots. (iOS Only)

Note 1: Some experience of Second Series from a qualified teacher is assumed. This App is not intended to teach you the Asanas from Second Series but only as an educational resource for those with prior experiential knowledge.  Seek the guidance of a good teacher before undertaking second series and always consult your doctor prior to starting any new physical activity.

Note 2: John is currently adding an additional vinyasa at the end of each Asana.  Instead of going direct to Samasthithi after jumping forward he now brings you up – “Hands up, look up” – before Samasthithi.  This is part of John’s current vinyasa research that he is doing.  It will, however, provoke some confusion in the Vinyasa Count for the 2nd Series Asanas! Yeah, we know! So please be aware there will be instances where the App, John’s audio, the Flip Cards and any external material you may have may all be stating different things!  We can only apologise for this confusion but as ever these things are very fluid.  If anything we hope it provokes some healthy discussion over what the correct count should be!

Note 3: Note that as this material is so new John is yet to complete all the necessary Glyphs for the App (there are very few intermediate Glyphs or Images). We’ve also had to be a little creative to allow some of the Glyphs to accurately represent what’s happening as the Audio is played. For example, John only drew some of the Glyphs from the right side, so we flipped these to give you the corresponding left one!  John’s also very busy teaching so rather than tie him down to a couple of days of shooting images for the Asanas and the intermediate steps we’ve released the App with placeholder images ‘Coming Soon’.  It’s planned to get John to deliver these on an ongoing basis and you’ll receive these for free in future updates.  John was keen to get the App to you sooner rather than wait for all the images to be taken.  So just like John would do with the Asanas you’ll get these in a progressive manner. The full audio will of course be included in the first release :)

Available here:  iTunes App Store (iPhone) and iTunes App Store (iPad).  

Second Series iPad :

– Second Series Download:  iPad App (iTunes)