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Primary Series Download: iPhone App (iTunes)

John’s first outing into Mobile Applications includes all the latest features.  The slide show above shows the iPhone and iPad versions (not all features are shown).   Available additional options include John’s Primary Series charts**, an introduction to the Focussed 12*, an upgrade to include the Practice Builder*, and a transcription from a 2.5hr workshop John presented in London in 2013*

*These items are available as In App Purchases.  ** This item is free but must be downloaded through In App Purchase “Shop”

The source material comes with John’s official approval and combines his existing DVD material and teacher training course notes in a new and portable format. The application focuses on the Vinyasa Count, the mantra of the Ashtanga practice, with John’s instructional audio track playing over images from his highly acclaimed Ashtanga DVD

This Universal Application features:-
– Video introduction to the Ashtanga Practice
– Primary Series vinyasa count from the Internationally acclaimed John Scott Primary Series DVD
– Audio Teaching chant with John – Updated versions of the Practice and Closing Mantras with John and as call and response
– Vinyasa Count Quiz with 8 levels of difficulty
– Quiz breakdown to assist with directing your learning
– Inspirational Videos
– Sanskrit numbers and terms
– Embedded and online help and support
– Audio scrubbing for quick access to instructional information
– Asana details from John’s teacher training course notes
– Access to John’s online website
– Access to John’s Facebook page
– Asana Flipcards
– Asana states for each asana

Additional In App Purchases :-
– John’s famous practice charts (now free!!)
– Practice Builder
– Windows on a Practice (full workshop transcription)
– 5 step Focus 12 (led meditation)

This full version presents the Ashtanga Primary Series for review for existing students and as an introduction to those new to John’s teachings. The application is not meant as a means of learning Yoga postures though it is presented as a means to introduce the student to the details and intricacies of the Vinyasa Count.

John highly recommends you find the guidance of a qualified teacher to help with your practice

iPad :

– Primary Series Download: iPad App (iTunes)