John Scott Yoga – Practice Builder

iPhone :

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The Practice Builder was the number 1 requested update to John’s iOS application – ‘What if we want to skip Marichyasana D or spend more time in Supta Kurmasana?’  Well, Practice builder allows you to fine tune your practice by allowing you to customise John’s audio playback to how you want it to presented.

You can :-

  • Select the Asanas you want to practice (in order!  You can’t do Surya B before A – that doesn’t make sense!)
  • Select how many repetitions (So if you normally do 5A+3B or 3A+3B you can specify this
  • Give yourself more time in an Asana – slow the audio down
  • Give yourself more time in binds (Find it hard to bind in Mari-C or D?  Move the slider to give yourself more time)
  • See how long your selections will take to play.  (Only have 30 minutes? As you select playback an estimate of how long your selections will take to complete is presented (a handy count down timer is also shown)
  • Create up to 10 of your own sequences.  Create short ones (standing only) or more complicated ones.  As you complete each one a reminder of how long each took is shown on the menu against it’s name

The default 4 sequences come direct from John’s own progression through the Practice.  These evolve your practice from the basic 6 asanas to include more and more options so you can progress through these as you become more and more familiar with the practice

*Practice Builder is also available as an In App Purchase from within the iOS iPhone or iPad App

iPad :

– Download: iPad App (iTunes)