In the last two days I’ve had a bit of a blast!  I’ve been adding content into the App but as the UI allows for a bit more scope I’ve been getting creative.  

The nice thing about working with John is that as he’s such a well known, and well travelled teacher, there’s a lot of students out there that have already heard of him.  Certainly either through the Glyphs that he drew way back in the 1980s when he was in Mysore with Eddie Stern and co, or more lately through his website and content that’s been coming out on Instagram.  And now that Julia is travelling with John and kindly posting a tonne of images on her Instagram  they’ve got a combined online following in the region of 30,000-40,000. I don’t know how many Julia has following her page on FB but of course there’s bound to be a cross over in all of this too.

And it’s a big market to play too.

Funnily enough, I can remember saying to John that when he asked me to start his Facebook page that I’d ‘out’ myself* on there if we ever reached 1000 followers.  

So part of the plan for the App re-design was to include more jumping off points for Social Media.   I’ve a good deal of resources that I have access to that I also wanted to try and get into your hands, so what you’ll see below is part of my attempt to implement that.  The screen shots are from build of the app from this morning.

I’ve posted the landscape versions just so you can see more on the screen at once.  Colours/images etc to be confirmed of course.

*By this I mean I’d announce that John wasn’t running the page directly, but that I was. 

Social Media ‘Cards’

Resource ‘Cards’