I had a good deal of success this week and it’s been a great relief!  I’d been struggling with a really strange issue which, at the end of the day, may have been down to a bug in the toolkit (just a hunch). It was one of these obscure little things that required you to do a series of operations in a specific order, and, if you did it, would cause the app to fail.  Essentially I was trying to update the screen for a download and while it would work the first time, if you deleted the download and restarted it after a view reload, it wouldn’t the second or any subsequent time. After about 3 weeks of rewrites, reworks and a lot of head banging, I actual found a post from another developer that exactly matched what I was seeing, and, with many thanks, they’d kindly offered up a solution!  20 minutes later, and with the new code in place and Bingo!  Success.  I had to unwrap a lot of test code I’d added as I’d tried the various avenues I was looking at but it’s now working and that’s the main thing.

There’s a lesson in here for me not to think that something like Apple’s own toolkit can’t be beyond being at fault.  I was convinced that it had to be my code and that there was something I was doing wrong, and obviously to me Apple was beyond being a possible cause*.  It’s a bit like putting a little bit too much faith in your yoga teacher to always be right and then ignoring the signs and feelings when they do something wrong.

I recently read this inside a White Paper from Yoga Alliance 

… teacher’s duty and responsibility to teach that transformation is the student’s own and no one else’s  


It’s a good reminder. 

*I can’t be 100% sure that it’s Apple’s toolkit that’s at fault here. With a lot of development issues like this, it’s just a hunch.