It’s been a while since I last posted as I’ve been working hard on getting some of the key background processes in place.  It’s the non-glamorous side of any App development when you have to address things like user sign in, authentication, password security, access rights and the like.  It’s stuff like this that can eat up a lot of time (6+ weeks in my case) and effort.  The thing is that once you’ve done it once for one app then you can leverage from any existing code.  When I started on this part of the process I knew literally nothing about authentication. I pretty much thought it was a case of doing a string comparison on a password and if they matched then you got to login.  Well, turns out that that’s not the case by a long shot.  I had to have a look at web tokenisation, password hashing, salts, receipt validation and a healthy dose of html/javascript to boot.  

Stuffing all of this into the App and backend has been somewhat of a challenge.  There’s been more days when I’ve thought “how the heck is this going to work” than “wow! that’s actually working”, but I have to say that the days where things have worked have brought me enough joy to out weigh the bad days.  And in any case, the difficult days on this part of the project are passed :) Yippee! 

So not much else to report.  I’ve made a few additions to the UI, cleaned up a lot of the code and did a lot of head scratching in the process.  Still hoping to get to show the results to John and Julia before I leave Warsaw tomorrow but I think time’s running out on that. Oh well.