John Scott Yoga – Primary Series

Primary Series

Download: Android App (Google Play)

John Scott Yoga for Android

The Android version of John’s Yoga application is very similar in about to that of the iOS and OSX applications.  It has the usual primary series details for learning the vinyasa count and practicing along to John’s Vinyasa Count.  Available for versions lollipop(SDK 26) onwards

The main differences are :

  • Image playback displays current and total runtime for each asana
  • Includes the primary series charts
  • Includes the ‘Windows on a Practice’ workshop transcription
  • Includes ‘5 Steps focussed 12’ guided meditation
  • Links to John’s Facebook page
  • Includes a ‘Resources’ Tab*

*The app on installation has to download resources from our websites to complete the installation.  Rather than include these directly with the application payload (Google limits the App size to 50MB) the App requests these when it first starts (this can be cancelled).  This was by far the easiest and quickest way for these resources to be included with the App.

John Scott Yoga – Second Series

Second Series

Download: Android App (Google Play)

Second Series Android :

Note that there is no Asana Quick Review for Android